Meet our team

Miami Development Office

CEO and chief systems architect of SDSol
Chief Systems Architect

Azam Malik

Azam is the founding force and head coach of SDSol. He constantly stresses that as software evolves, so will we.

VP of product development at SDSol
VP of Product Development

Sam Ellin

Sam evaluates the tech ideas that come through the doors of SDSol. He works closely with all of our clients.

Abrar is a senior developer at SDSol
Software Architect

Abrar Khan

Abrar is a senior programmer and architect at SDSol. He is an experienced team leader and talented coder.

UI/UX Director at SDSol
UI/UX Director

Joel Cap

Joel creates dynamic and brilliant UI/UX at SDSol. He works closely with you to bring your project to life.

UI/UX designer and developer at SDSol
UI/UX Designer

Robert Silva

Rob is a skilled user experience and user interface developer and designer. He builds amazing UI/UX.

Ali Raza is a lead mobile developer for SDSol.
Lead Mobile Developer

Ali Raza

Ali is trained in objective-c and swift. He is our lead mobile developer with experience building iPhone and iPad apps.

back end software developer
Software Developer

Christian DeSalle

Christian is a talented back end software developer. He builds the server application for your app.

QA engineer and software tester at SDSol
QA Engineer

Brian Martinez

Brian is a skilled quality assurance engineer at SDSol. He tests our software and mobile app development projects.

System administrator at SDSol
System Administrator

Clarence Chamorro

Clarence is responsible for the support and maintenance tasks of our clients' projects. He is also a qa tester.

QA engineer at SDSol
Senior Project Manager

Clayton Snyder

Clayton is an experienced and skilled software quality assurance engineer. He is also a project manager.

Marketing manager at SDSol
Marketing Manager

Javier Brin

Javier is an skilled and dedicated Marketing Manager. He brings energy and ideas to every project.