WYC – What’s your color?

WYC – What’s your color?

WYC is a groundbreaking proximity-based dating application. It hits on all the right points for those who are constantly out at bars, clubs, and restaurants. Private chat communication is extremely important to iOS and Android users today. WYC let’s you communicate with those that are in the same establishment as you. Example: if you are at your local bar, just turn on WYC and see if there are any other WYC users at your location. WYC provides exclusive, yet private communication with people across the bar from you. If you’d like to chat with someone on the other side of the bar, WYC lets you reach out to that person. Set your status to green, yellow, or red – depending on your availability and willingness to chat.


December 18, 2015


App Development, Peer-to-peer, Software Development, UI/UX Design