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SDSol Technologies offers technology consulting for businesses of all shapes and sizes: from start-ups to established corporations. With over 20 years in business, and having successfully delivered over 1200 successful technology projects, SDSol is in a unique position to guide clients regarding: business model & marketing, new product development, tech start-up feasibility, mobile apps for iOS & Android, IoT system solutions, patentable tech systems, creating ‘smarter’ software & hardware, Bluetooth BLE, code clean-up and rescue, scalable system architecture, custom web development, on-going platform service and maintenance etc. If you are a new start up or an established corporation, hiring SDSol as your software consultant is a great place to start.

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Get Miami's top tech-business-consulting with these services

As no two clients are alike, we provide our tech industry expertise to solve your unique business and operational needs.

Upgrade your tech

Technology Consulting

Nobody plans to fail, they simply fail to plan. Our technology and software consultants can help plan your project.

Software and tech consulting

Software Consultants

We offer software, technology, and start up consulting for businesses. If you are a new start up or an established corporation, hiring SDSol as your software consultant is a great place to start.

Business & Marketing Plan

Tech Start Up Specialists

Business model understanding, digital marketing strategy, metrics, content marketing, advertising and social media branding on all social media networks. Spread the word about your company especially with organic growth and outreach.

Change developers

Code Takeover

Moving from one developer to another is not always a fun process. SDSol offers code takeover engagements, and keeps the headaches to a minimum.

Software analysis

Code Audits

Sometimes our clients need a software architect to help facilitate technological decision making. Our experts have years of experience in these situations.

Blockchain Development

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain development in Miami is a reality. SDSol will develop your blockchain project with our expert blockchain developers.

Mine Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Mining

Our crypto currency consultants will build your mining rig hardware, install them, and set up your crypto currency project.

Mine bitcoin litecoin and etherium in Miami

Litcoin Bitcoin Etherium Miami

There are certain coins that can be mined, and there are others that cannot. SDSol will provide consulting as to how to mine crypto currency in Miami. Cryptocurrency mining in Miami is just getting started.

Bitcoin Mining

Mine Bitcoin in Miami

If you need assistance setting up your bitcoin mining operation in Miami, get in touch with us. We can help. Let us assess your needs and budget. We’ll get you started. Cryptocurrency mining in Miami is possible for all.

Cryptocurrency consultants Miami

Build a Cryptocurrency Rig

Build your custom cryptocurrency rig with SDSol in Miami. Mine crypto currency. Our experts have been building custom rigs for over 3 years. Cryptocurrency mining in Miami is taking off in a big way.

Bitcoin Mining in Miami

Mine Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, can be mined from your home or office. Call SDSol and we can help you mine Bitcoin in Miami.

Ether Mining in Miami

Mine Ethereum

Crypto experts are calling 2018 the year of Ethereum. If you are interested in mining Ether in Miami, get in touch with SDSol.

Litecoin Mining in Miami

Mine Litecoin

Litecoin is a lesser known cryptocurrency, but it’s gaining value at a steady pace. If you’d like to mine litecoin. Contact us today.

Monero Mining in Miami

Mine Monero

Cryptocurrency mining in Miami includes Monero. It is a valuable coin, and people are making tons of money mining it in Miami.

Featured Project
UM utilizing software technolgy with SDSol consulting

The University of Miami engaged SDSol Technologies consulting expertise to develop an “adaptive learning” data system used to assess child cognition within different subjects. The system generates custom tests to improve early childhood development and will soon be released and used at affiliated locations worldwide.

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