Experts in Android app development

SDSOL’s Android app development services help make your ideas come to life across the broad spectrum of Android devices. With all the excitement about Apple products and iOS, it’s easy to forget that the Android platform (as of September, 2012) has a larger market share than Apple.


Of course, Android development has its challenges. For one, the user base is spread across a wide array of mobile devices, unlike iOS which is concentrated on only 3 devices (all of which Apple design and build themselves!). So, when developing for Android, it’s important to consider the right partner who can help navigate the ups and downs of a platform that supports such huge array of devices, from different manufacturers, using different hardware.


That’s where our software development background really helps us. Before mobile devices, SDSOL has been dealing with software development projects for nearly a decade. Unique hardware. Unique operating system variants. Unique drivers. We’ve dealt with it all. And we know how important it is to provide compatibility and reliability to users with unique hardware.

There are lots of great iOS developers out there – we’re one of them. But it comes to Android app development, it’s important that the company you hire for your project is experienced in traditional software development, and all the compatibility issues that may come along with it.

And so with this in mind, we developed many of our Competitive Advantages – among them, a proven SOLID 7 Development Process, a clearly documented Statement of Work, our fixed-price guarantee, a team-based development approach, and our commitment to using dedicated programming resources.


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