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Apple Watch represents Apple’s foray into wearable technology. This exciting piece of hardware creates a new, unique platform and interface for software developers. Because of its small size and limited interface capabilities, the possibilities for developing solutions around Apple Watch are both quite large – as are the challenges.

In simplest form, most software solutions can be broadly defined as ‘interfaces for exchanging data’. Sometimes it’s one-directional, like receiving weather updates. And sometimes it’s multi-directional, like text messaging. But with a smaller screen and limited input capability, how can the Apple Watch be leveraged? What potential does it offer?

Areas where Apple Watch might help:

  • A linked payment gateway for Apple Pay – pay for items quickly and securely using only your watch
  • Home automation / security – Enable access based on user profiles so that only certain people can enter the home or particular rooms
  • Health monitoring – Tracking various heart rates/pulse/temperature data
  • GPS locator – Keep track of young children, the elderly, or other loved ones in a non-intrusive way
  • Life Alert – Notify emergency personnel quickly if a health emergency arises

We think Apple Pay has huge potential, and we’re ready to unlock it with our clients. Our Apple Watch developers are continually exploring this technology and understanding how it can help our clients.