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Bluetooth Smart (referred to as Bluetooth LE, or BTLE) evolves the Bluetooth standards in several key ways, bringing with it an array of new products arriving now and over the next few years. Bluetooth Smart is in fact already installed as a standard on current mobile devices, and the future is bright as this technology gets leveraged in new ways.

Below are some of the key changes and advantages that Bluetooth Smart offers over prior Bluetooth standards:

  • Low Energy power requirements mean that larger batteries or power outlets are no longer needed – a Bluetooth peripheral beacon can often run on a traditional 1000maH coin (watch-style) battery for up to 1-2 years. This also reduces the battery drain on mobile devices and phones running Bluetooth Smart.
  • A smaller chipset sizes allow for solutions that aren’t much bigger than a flat watch battery – introducing the ability to attach BTLE sensors to common household items, clothing, keychains, wallets, wristbands, belts, and more.
  • Always-on functionality – devices are able to communicate passively with beacons.
  • No cumbersome pairing requirements.
  • Proximity sensing helps identify locations of people, objects, or devices and deliver content or information that is relevant.

These capabilities are game changers for some current industries, and create a vast array of new product categories that will continue to emerge in the next few years. You’ve probably seen some already – smart tiles or tags you can stick on to anything you wish to locate later. Or wireless health monitors – so-called “wearable technology”.

SDSol is not only an experienced software developer, but also a hardware technology developer, able to integrate software solutions and help develop hardware products concurrently. In fact, some of the most exciting projects we’re working on represent unique ways for software solutions to harness the power of Bluetooth Smart.

Reach out to us to explore ways Bluetooth Smart might create opportunities for existing businesses and entrepreneurs in South Florida.