01. Why no “Best Miami Tech Studio?”

The Miami New Times just released their 2017 “Best Of” edition, and I must say that they have once again completely ignored Miami Tech professionals all over the city. Most metropolitan area publications put out these “Best Of” lists once a year – but for some reason, Miami is stuck in the past.  Best of lists are excellent morale builders for the community, and shine a bright light of respect and appreciation for local businesses.


We, at SDSol, think it’s about time for publications like The New Times to add new and exciting categories –  starting with, “Miami’s Best Tech Studio.”

The tech industry has been growing steadily over the past 6-7 years in the Magic City.  There are award winning tech start-ups popping up in Miami, yet nobody recognizes.  A lot of these tech start-ups (those launching apps, software, and even hardware solutions) work with local Tech Studios and app development companies.


Many tech entrepreneurs rely on Tech Studios to actually build their technology.  Tech Studios specialize in building iOS, Android, Custom Software, and whatever comes next!  It is the opinion of this writer that Miami’s “Tech Studio” industry deserves more respect and support from our local publications.

Take a company like MyPark – which won a distinguished award at Emerge Americas two years ago; they are now disrupting the Valet Parking industry on an international level.  The disruptive ideas and imagination – stemming from the founders at MyPark – grew exponentially once they connected with SDSol’s Tech Studio in Coral Gables, FL.  The collaboration, product development, and growth that followed is undeniable.  MyPark is becoming a major player in the parking industry at shopping malls, private lots, and even public lots around the US.

MyPark is a mobile app that reserves your parking via your iPhone by SDSol

02. Miami Tech needs support from local media

Where is the recognition from our local media?  We aren’t hating on you, by the way…but you are missing a serious story about the migration of successful start-ups popping up in South Florida.  Miami, in particular, is pumping out some serious Silicon Sunshine.

Now SDSol can’t speak for their competitors.  But we respect them tremendously, and encourage their growth as well.  When SDSol looks back at our own history, here’s what why we can reasonably say that WE are the Best Tech Studio in Miami:

Complete overhaul of Navarro Pharmacy’s Ecommerce solution with extensive integration with their legacy system. This was a 2 year project that launched circa 2012.  CVS acquired Navarro 2 years later.  The price was confidential, but that acquisition made them part of a fortune 500 company.

[eltd_blockquote text=”Where is the recognition from our local media? We aren’t hating on you, by the way…but you are missing a serious story about the migration of successful start-ups popping up in South Florida. Miami, in particular, is pumping out some serious Silicon Sunshine.”]

Corporate Caterers is one of the largest catering franchises in the United States. SDSol worked hand-in-hand with their executives to develop the perfect solution for their 40 locations around the country.  We built their kitchen apps, delivery driver apps, system architecture, and all around technology plan.

Songcast Music is disrupting how young artists get on the radio. As more artists invade the internet, it is getting harder and harder to be discovered.  Songcast is making it easier for your music to be heard by record labels and major players in the music industry.

Unsigned artists' streaming music app development by SDSol

03. Show Miami Tech Some Love

These are just three SDSol success stories from our shop in Coral Gables, FL.  We are a professional Tech Studio with over 17 years of experience.  We work with start-ups and established businesses.  So, Miami bloggers, publications, and media professionals…can you let people know about the growth of technology companies in Miami?  It’s time.  There is a “Best Of,” here.  How long is it going to take local journalists to broadcast these success stories, and give some credit to the Miami tech companies making waves.  Where’s the love?