IoT consumer products developed by SDSol Technologies

The Internet of Things is a network of internet-connected products and smart devices. Moreover, it is capable of one of the following three things: 1) collecting and sending information 2) receiving data, and acting upon it 3) a combination of one and two above. Read on to discover the popular IoT consumer products by SDSol Technologies.

SDSol Technologies is a mobile app development company in Miami. The IoT consumer products developed by SDSol focus on creating smarter devices and applications. Most importantly, the top priority is to create successful IoT smart devices, custom software, and applications.

For example, MyPark and PADL are two mobile applications developed by SDSol. These smart devices both offer revolutionary IoT solutions on your smart devices. They are mobile app success stories and IoT connected devices that SDSol is proud to have developed.

IoT consumer products MyPark

MyPark offers hassle-free parking through the app on your smart devices. It brings greater efficiency, management, monetization and user control over the entire parking process. In addition, it is an IoT connected product that empowers app users by allowing them to reserve and park in spaces closest to their destination.

Furthermore, MyPark engaged SDSol Technologies as its technology developer. This smart device has progressed from a start-up into a successful business enterprise. MyPark is rapidly expanding in the U.S. and international markets. Click here to see a video about MyPark

IoT Consumer products- SDSol

IoT consumer products PADL

In addition, PADL is another use case example of how SDSol creates ioT innovation. Firstly, PADL is an internet of things smart-lock watercraft and mobile app solution. Secondly, PADL is currently operating and available for Miami customers. Thirdly, It is a ground-breaking IoT automated paddleboard smart-lock rental system. And lastly, this IoT smart device allows you to rent a paddleboard from the palm of your hand with your smart devices.

Moreover, SDSol engineered the concept into reality and developed the fully automated paddleboard rental system. SDSol created the following: solar paneled & secure paddleboard station-stands, smart locking mechanism for both the board and the paddle. As well, it has on-board GPS and on-board 4G LTE connection. As well, this smart device also has native iOS & Android mobile apps, web application and a backend operating platform. Click here to see a PADL video.

Consumer iot products– SDSol

SDSol delivers IoT solutions

Iot devices– SDSol

In conclusion, mobile app company SDSol Technologies believes that the internet of things is the convergence of the physical and digital worlds. “It is a merging of data, processing power, and human intellect.” Azam Malik, SDSol Technologies CEO and Founder, states that it represents a technological revolution. As such, it creates many new opportunities for businesses.

In essence, SDSol, mobile app development company in Miami, takes pride in delivering internet of things connected products. Consequently, smarter devices then align better with companies’ strategic objectives. Additionally, Sdsol’s team designs and develops these smart devices to work with IoT technology, other hardware products, mobile app& web platforms, and more. Lastly, the technology services SDSol provides add value and efficiency to your business. For more information, visit our website here.

Author: Ian Darrah
Date: 12-10-2022

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