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Expert iPad App Development

SDSOL’s iPad development team shares one thing in common with our customers: we love using the iPad and iPad Mini and we also love developing Apps for the iPad! When the iPad first came out, we recognized right away the unique iOS app development opportunities on the iPad and the limitations of previous apps that were originally developed for the iPhone.


The larger the device, the bigger the importance of great App design became. After all, a larger screen and workspace means more room for buttons, gadgets, and gizmos. It means much more feature-rich Apps. It means a higher standard of graphics, to maximize the HD experience. It got us to thinking about why it’s so important to select the right iPad App developer. Because after all–that’s why you’re here, right? To find the best iPad developer you can.


Is iPad app development expensive?

This is one of the most frequently question we get. The simple answer is, “maybe.” Your iPad app development project begins with a discovery meeting. Our iPad app development team reviews the scope and then can estimate the cost very accurately.


Should I build an iPhone and iPad app?

You will need an entirely new app if you intend to launch on iPad. While iPhone apps do work on iPad, they can only be enlarged to fit the bigger iPad screen. It won’t be an ideal user experience. In order to get the most out of the bigger screen you should develop a proper iPad app. You may not need one though. Let SDSol evaluate your project and give you advice on what devices to launch on.


Does my iPad app need a server?

This is another question we hear quite often on iPad app development. The simple answer is, “your app probably needs a server component.” The server is what runs your iPad app. We call it the mothership. If your iPad app doesn’t have a server application, it will most likely not have common features found in most apps today.


How long does it take to develop an iPad app?

Developing an iPad app is a two step process. First, we have to plan it, and then we have to build it. Our standard iPad app development project takes approximately 3-4 months.


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