Apple versus Samsung and iPhone app development


iPhone application developers should expect to see increased activity in the coming months as a result of last week’s case re: mobile technologies.  Perhaps the biggest repercussion of the Apple v. Samsung verdict, is the pending injunction on certain Samsung mobile devices.

While this matter doesn’t affect the Android OS, the damage to the Android brand will inevitably trickle down to the developers of Android apps.  Once approved by the court, that injunction should also result in an influx in iPhone app development.  Fear in the market will lead to a slight increase in business for iPhone developers.

Focus on iPhone Developers

Not only will customers approach developers with the knowledge that Android development just took a hit, but developers will recommend a focus on iPhone development; at least for the time being. iPhone developers – who are already very busy – should expect to get even more app development projects.

Further, in an effort to “play it safe,” mobile application developers will most likely recommend holding off on Android development until the smoke clears. This will move iPhone development projects to the head of the class.

It will take a lot more than an injunction on a few devices for Android developers to suffer serious harm.  One way or another, Samsung will find a way to keep the phones in the public’s hands.  Samsung has made it clear that they intend to take this case to the Supreme Court, but that is going to take at least a year.

Uncertainty will lead a focus on application development

In the meantime, Apple should be successful in blocking the sale of popular cellular devices. This will cause only a small ripple effect in the mobile application development community.  Alternatively, Samsung may be able to keep them on the market and pay Apple royalties.  All of this uncertainty will drive customers to focus on iPhone application development, however, and stick with the proverbial <em>winner, </em>when considering platforms on which to develop.

Now would be a great time for iPhone developers to brainstorm new functionality for existing apps in the App Store.  Contact your clients and let them that iPhone development should come to the front of the line for new projects.  Talk to them about UI/UX upgrades, in-App purchases, or server application upgrades. What this verdict did was create even more opportunity for the Apple brand.  And more opportunity for Apple will lead to more opportunity for their developers.

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