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Bold and dynamic

App Development

Miami's best app development shop. Do you have an app idea? Let SDSol take your app from concept to delivery.

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Technology experts

Custom Software

We build amazing solutions for our clients. If you need new software, hardware, or a combination of both, SDSol can help.

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Improving your brand

Digital Marketing

Our marketing team is made up of branding experts and technology gurus. Let SDSol put together the best plan to get your tech project.

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SDSol is a team of designers, programmers, and marketers

We specialize in iOS, Android, and server application development.  SDSol has over 60 designers, programmers, and marketing professionals on staff. If you are looking for experts in web development, custom software development, or mobile app development, calling us is a step in the right direction. SDSol has been serving Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and all of South Florida for over 16 years!

a game trading app developed by sdsol

Applify your business

Simplify your world

At SDSol, we plan, collaborate, document, and develop beautiful and dynamic apps and custom software. SDSol has successfully delivered thousands of projects during its 17 years in business. Starting this summer, SDSol also offers marketing services for our clients.

Our SOLid 7 Development Process

Ask the right questions


Information gathering is key in the very beginning of an app project. We take our time defining the scope.

SDSol designs the UI/UX
Develop the perfect experience


The UI/UX team works with you to create the app's ease of use and look and feel.

The SOW is a project plan and defines the scope
Write the proper documentation

Statement of work

The SOW accompanies the wireframes and serves as the project plan. Now, we know exactly what we're building.

Gap analysis is about poking holes in your own project plan
Check your work

Gap analysis

Gap analysis involves a detailed audit of the project plan to ensure that we're ready to program.

SDSol coders are talented and experienced
Write amazing code


Our experienced and professional programmers consistently write the best code in Miami. It's the code we live by.

We have a full fledged QA team
Quality assurance required


Our QA engineers work with our clients to identify bugs and improve the product. Testing is crucial.

We will launch your mobile app or tech start up
Launch the mothership


Launching an app, tech start up, or development project is a very exciting experience. Now the real work begins.

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Let’s get started


Whether your idea is fully developed, or if you need professionals to validate and take it to new heights, SDSol will build your app, custom software, or hardware project, and grow it into something amazing. We’ve done it before. Not only can we build your product, we can market your product too. Our digital marketing department is trained in marketing strategy, branding, analytics, and digital advertising. We are a full fledged technology studio that can take your idea from concept to delivery. Get in touch today. Let’s get started.

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Mobile Apps


Software Projects

Our services

Apps for tech start ups

If you are a tech start up looking to develop the next killer app, make sure you reach out to SDSol. We can certainly help.

SDSol develops custom software for tech start ups and established corporations
Build the software you need

Choose SDSol if your company needs a software overhaul. Our team of engineers will get you where you need to be.

SDSol develops hardware solutions for tech start ups and established corporations
Smart device fabrication

SDSol will design and develop hardware for your project. If your app requires a hardware component, we can help.

Build your brand

Tech startups are quickly finding out that mobile marketing is imperative to the success of their apps and technology.


Client testimonials

It was time for our company to invest in its software and mobile technology. After a lot of vetting software developers, we decided to go with SDSol. And we are so glad we made that decision. They have helped our business in so many ways.

Dennis McGinley - Corporate Caterers

We've been working with SDSol for over 3 years now, and I can't thank them enough for all of their hard work and support. Their development process is extremely efficient and we've experienced steady growth since day one. Hire this dev shop!

Luis Mayendia - MyPark

From the first meeting with the guys at SDSol, my partner and I knew we had found the right team to work with. Their knowledge of the industry and business in general put them head and shoulders above the other firms we were considering.

Thomas Jones - Castar