Biltmore Hotel – Restaurant App

Biltmore Hotel – Restaurant App

SDSol was contacted by The Biltmore Hotel several years ago. They wanted to take their system from the 1980s and bring it into the new world. The goal for the Biltmore Hotel, was to eliminate pens and paper when their mini-bar staff had to re-stock refrigerators in a particular room. Ultimately, the question of simplifying this process was up to our staff at SDSol. The challenge of this project was to sync a front-end iPad app with a back-end server application that runs the entire hotel. Our web developers and front-end developers were put to the task of integrating new technology with old technology. We accomplished it in short succession, and the Biltmore Hotel is loving us for our development work.


December 21, 2015


App Development, Peer-to-peer, Software Development, UI/UX Design