Create a professional statement of work

The SOW is the project plan that accompanies the Wireframing documentation. It lays out the detailed system architecture that is required to make the project viable. When a construction company is hired to build a new building downtown, the foreman needs two very important documents: the project plan, and the blueprints. In the world of App Development, the Wireframes are the blueprints, and the SOW is the project plan. At SDSol, we will not start Fabrication until the Wireframes and the SOW have been signed off on. Again, this is how we are able to offer a 100% pricing guarantee to our customers. This process works!

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The SOW is a project plan and defines the scope

Our Creative Process

Ask the right questions


Understanding the scope of your project is the most important first step. Our product developers begin with discovery meetings.

SDSol designs the UI/UX
Develop the UI/UX like a champ


The first impression of your app must be memorable. Our UI/UX team works with you to develop captivating wireframes.

The SOW is a project plan and defines the scope
Compose professional technical specifications

Statement of Work

The statement of work makes sure that all team members are on the same page as to the scope of the project, timelines, and requirements.

Gap analysis is about poking holes in your own project plan
Check your work over and over again

Gap Analysis

Gap analysis is the process of poking holes in the project plan. We go over the SOW and wireframes with a fine toothed comb and look for things we may have missed.

SDSol coders are talented and experienced
SDSol coders get to work and begin pushing code


Now that gap analysis is over, our coders can take the technical specifications, artwork, and project plan, and get to work. Soon, we'll be testing.

We have a full fledged QA team
Quality assurance and user acceptance testing


When test builds start coming out, our customers join us pretty frequently to test the app, find bugs, and report issues. Don't worry, we kill more bugs than Truly Nolen.

We will launch your mobile app or tech start up
Launch the mothership


After months of development, arduous quality assurance testing, and countless days of planning, the app is ready to go live. All the hard work pays off.