Quality Assurance and UAT

We kill more bugs than Truly Nolen

When test builds start coming out, our customers join us pretty frequently to test the app, find bugs, and report issues. This is a very important and we call this “UAT” or User Acceptance Testing. It is important because here different application users provide direct feedback about his or her experience and final improvements can be made in order to create the most outstanding user experience possible. Our quality assurance team is trained to pinpoint the smallest imperfection in the software. Any error, no matter how small, can snowball into a giant nightmare down the road. SDSol is cognizant of how important this application will be to your company, and how any errors can cost you money. That is why we diligently conduct application audits at every deliverable milestone. Another method to ensure the best quality assurance is to conduct user acceptance testing with our client. Quite simply this is where we share the builds with our clients and work together to pinpoint issues.

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