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The Streads tablet devices remain plugged in and are always on, connected to the web, and receive ads approved through the StreAds platform. The smart tablet-device automatically detects passengers so that ads appear only when they are present in their seats. When physically present, the ads are shown to them on the device screen, which is placed between the front seats. The ads are based on trip location, time of day and several other customizable metrics.


Eventually, additional ways will exist to personalize content for rideshare clientele based on their unique credentials and geolocation. In other words, when a person takes an Uber or Lyft, they would see a monitor in front of them delivering content and ads targeting them individually. Amazing!

IoT Product Development
App Development
UI/UX Design
Software Development

StreAds Story board of System Flow

1. Super Admin User

Adds clients (Advertisers) to the system via the admin panel.

2. Client User (Advertisers)

Uploads content to their admin and

chooses options such as location/time to

show ads.

3. Super Admin User

Must approve all uploaded media by the client.

4. Driver’s Device

Downloads approved content.

5. Driver’s Device

Scans for passengers to begin playing the advertisements

6. Passengers

Once a passenger is detected, the advertisements will start to play. (based on location of the trip, time of day, etc.)

7. Driver App

Driver can check their app to see how much money they have made, and eventually cash the money out to their bank account.

8. Client User (Advertisers)

Client can check their statistics of their advertisements. This can include impressions, number of cars showing the ads, times shown, etc.

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