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Covid-19 has impacted every aspect of people’s lives. The fun family celebrations and friend reunions have turned online and work life has turned remote. People are doing what they can to stay safe, and technology is influencing how people live their daily lives. From grocery shopping online to weekly zoom meetings, people are implementing this remote way of getting things done.

Technology such as mobile apps, entertainment services such as Netflix and applications such as Zoom are being used now more than ever for virtual meetings. Shares for these services are rising and more advancement is happening in order to make these services more user friendly. These platforms also provide benefits to audiences.

Netflix Technology

For Netflix, the pandemic has brought on another 10 million subscribers, with 193 million subscribers worldwide. People have relied on online entertainment instead of going to the movies or plays during the pandemic. Therefore, more people have signed up to these platforms for online entertainment. Viewing rates for online entertainment has also increased.

Online entertainment options such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have created much more content for people to view. They now have more genres that cater to different types of people and their viewing tendencies.

Netflix is generating more cash than ever and does not have to rely on advertisements since it is a subscription-based business.

VR Headsets for traveling Technology

New innovations in technology - SDSol


VR tourism is providing unique and memorable experiences to users. Virtual reality headsets are transporting people to their favorite locations and provide a real-life experience to audiences. Travel agencies and travel companies are now relying on this 360 VR technology more than ever. Virtual reality headsets are also becoming a more popular purchase.

Headsets use a software which tracks viewers head movement. It allows them to experience the virtual setting as they would in real life. More and more people are using this virtual reality technology and industries such as gaming are advancing this movement harder.

Big tech such as Google, Amazon and Facebook are implementing VR content and headsets. VR technology has a big potential for growth because of the low cost involved in it.

Retail and grocery shopping online Technology

Covid is affecting many business’s and people are relying on online methods for buying groceries, clothing and other types of shopping. People are turning to e-commerce for online shopping and there are significant increases in the amount of groceries and household goods bought online.

There has been a huge spike in grocery-related e-commerce with mobile apps fulfilling online shopping needs. Having groceries being delivered to people’s front doors soon after a purchase has been made is now as easy as ever.

Overall, areas with the most e-commerce sales since Covid have been medical supplies, baby products, cleaning products, and food and beverage purchases.

Virtual meetings for work and personal lives technology

The days of in-person meetings and family get-togethers are gone for the time being. Instead, people are relying on applications such as Zoom for virtual meetings for work and family life.

People are finding creative ways to use Zoom, such as through happy hours, trivia nights and birthday parties. This application allows a large number of people to get together for virtual meetings for long periods of time and continue to stay safe by socially distancing.

Zoom app downloads have increased 30x this year and since March of this year, has been on the top of free app downloads for iPhones. It has over 200 million users, and numbers are continuing to go up as time passes for virtual meeting applications.

SDSol supports this online transition

SDSol Technologies, a mobile app development company in Miami, supports people and organizations doing what they can to stay safe in these difficult times. We are happy to see powerful technologies take force and replace other methods of getting together or shopping online.

With more technological inventions being created every day, we know the future is bright for the IT industry and more jobs are yet to come for IT professionals. We want to hear the technology ideas you come up with to make remote life easier and are ready to support your technological dreams. Contact SDSol today to get started on your tech project.

Author: Ian Darrah
Date: 11-10-2022

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