Our favorite software app developer thing to say? "Push the code!"

SDSol coders get to work and begin pushing the code. Here, the coding and computer programming begins. Now that the gap analysis is over, our coders can take the technical specifications, artwork, and project plan, and get to work. Soon, we’ll be testing.


This is the part of the process where our programmers develop the source code of your application. Our programmers focus on their specific platforms at SDSol. We will never have iOS programmers working on Android, or .NET programmers working on PHP. Our teams are compartmentalized, so they become experts at their trade. We never mix and match our programmers at SDSol.

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Our primary offices are located in Miami Florida on Brickell Ave. Often called "Wall Street South," Brickell is considered to be the heart of downtown Miami's financial & central business district.


Come by, have a “cafecito”, and let’s talk about how we can help transform your vision into a reality for your business.

  • Main Office:
    1200 Brickell Ave, Suite 1260
    Miami, FL 33131
  • Phone:
    +1(305) 274-2147