Tech Innovations of 2021

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2020 has been a year unlike no other. The pandemic has changed people’s lives everywhere. The 2020 election has brought on new ways of thinking and will affect the next four years of U.S. citizens lives. However, technology breakthroughs have not been holding back this year. This technology development will have an impact on human life. It will also provide new breakthroughs for the tech field.




Tiny AI

Artificial intelligence algorithms are being implemented on phones and consumer devices. They are tiny and use a process called knowledge distillation to run. Yet, they still have all the same algorithm capabilities and can function just as quickly.

In addition, the benefits that tiny artificial intelligence brings includes less privacy issues and the ability to function without communication from the cloud. Moreover, big tech companies such as Google and IBM are using tiny artificial intelligence for their tech solutions.




Climate Change Preparation

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Furthermore, advanced computer processing now allows scientists to attribute the role of climate change to the weather. These computers gives information that can help us prepare for weather events. It can give insight on weather events that can cause major damage to property and can cause lives to be lost.

As well, it can also get governments held accountable for damage from severe weather events. This tool will help determine how climate change is affecting weather patterns. It can get us more information about the dangers of climate change.




Anti-Aging Drugs

Anti-aging drugs are being closer to being available in the market. Moreover, diseases such as cancer, heart disease and dementia can be reduced through these drugs. Also, steps can be taken for them to be cured by preventing the aging process.

In addition, these drugs have been successful in some human trials. They have the potential to work wonders once they are out for the public to use them.




Unhackable Internet

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As well, internet users have experienced a hack in one form or another. Cyber attacks are all to common and should be prevented. Now, the first quantum internet is being introduced that is completely secure from hackers.

This unhackable internet can secure information and be impossible to spy and retrieve information from. In essence, when two users are using the platform, their communication is kept private and secure.




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