The COVID 19 pandemic has changed the whole world. It has created a substantial paradigm shift with great repercussions in how we live and work. It has swiftly changed the business ecosystem. Paradoxically, this global “slowdown” has actually accelerated for all the reality of the new digital world of the 21st century.


At SDSol Technologies, it is part of our DNA to look ahead and move past the current state into what will most likely be our “new” normal. Businesses are going through dramatic transformations: some will disappear, others will thrive. Most are resorting to a total permanent or temporary shutdown. Many are barely surviving. Layoffs and furloughs, shifted timelines, and forced salary cuts are all part of the current business landscape. Every business has been forced to review and adjust their objectives, practices & processes, office interactions, workflows, corporate culture, step up their leadership’s determination with regard to management and strategic planning.


COVID 19 has mandated a quick and encompassing switch to working remotely. Will this be part of the new normal? Most likely. Yet, not all companies are well prepared to execute a seamless transition. Realizing that this working mode can be more complex than expected will help companies properly adapt in order to smoothly transition into this new normal. Remote working often favors productivity and a life/work balance; providing other benefits such as lowering overhead costs and lessening pollution.


The quick change to large scale more permanent remote working brings with it many considerations beyond reevaluating personal and professional boundaries. Most importantly, this rapid shift to a widespread remote workforce requires transformational leadership, new infrastructure, solid planning, and significant changes in business practices and processes. Adopting the right technology, with proper testing, training and support will be critical.


As a tech company, SDSol Technologies’ transition to remote work has been smooth and we remain fully operational with most of our team working from home offices on ongoing and new projects. We understand the important responsibility of maintaining flawless services to support our client’s mission critical IT infrastructure and platform integrity. Healthcare is one of the industries most impacted by this pandemic. For SDSol’s healthcare clients, tech operational elements keep them connected and working. The platforms and tools that SDSol maintains and supports for them are lifeline for their business and customers.


SDSol is thrilled to help support healthcare related businesses with cost savings during times of crisis. Additionally, SDSol has taken steps to support the local community. With employees working remotely, SDSol’s CEO, Azam Malik, decided to donate the company’s N95 Niosh Respirator Masks to the City of Coral Gables Emergency Management Office in Miami, Florida, for the benefit of first responders and public works employees.


Business as usual is no longer a reality after the corona virus pandemic, and no business has gone untouched. Companies are reorganizing to regain operational performance, financial stability and growth. Remote working is only one of countless ways shaping the new business normal after COVID 19. What has not changed is that the businesses who keep on thriving are those which have decisive visionary leadership in place, sound strategic planning and financing, a smart creative work environment, solid recruiting and talent retention, and the ability to quickly adjust and continually supply added value & better customer service. Such companies recognize that technology is not the end product. Rather, they see it as a means to provide holistic business solutions during and after the corona virus with a clear understanding that this pandemic has rapidly changed our business world forever.