The rise of robotics in industries

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Robots are everywhere. They are scaling up skill sets, advancing to higher positions, and showing increased productivity. In some ways, they are more beneficial to the workplace than their humans counterparts. They are replacing entire crews by making the production process easier in franchises. For example, in places like McDonalds, robots can make hamburgers in around 10 seconds. As well, they are starting to obtain personalities which can parallel humans.

Furthermore, artifical intelligence technologies like Roomba or Siri are examples of how AI machines are becoming more advanced. They are useful in people’s daily lives as well.

Soon, these technologies will start to gain a bigger presence and have a strong impact on the economy.

The future of Jobs due to robotics in industries

Robotics in industry - SDSol

Research shows that around 47% of U.S. jobs are going to be replaced by AI and robotics in the near future. Employees must take a look at their productivity levels in the workforce. They must prepare themselves for the possibility artificial intelligence technology replacing their jobs.

In addition, business leaders are predicting that human jobs will become more entrepreneurial. They will rely on incomes based on the power of AI and IoT. Routine, repetitive jobs are performed by these machines which saves people time and effort. Businesses will save money and there will be less repetitive tasks in the job force from these artificial intelligence machines.

Moreover, people with advanced degrees will see this type of change in the job force as well. Any aspect of predictability in their jobs is replicable by machine learning.

As well, there are opposing views from economists who think that this machine takeover is wrong and that the rise of AI machines have resulted from globalizations or minimum wage still hasn’t increased.

However, the growth of technology is really the reason why machine AI is increasing exponentially.

In the future, there will be less skepticism about the rise of machines taking over jobs. More people will be doing what they can to prevent this machine takeover and make jobs solely kept for humans.

Switchboard operator

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Switchboard operator

Manual telephone switchboard jobs are completely computerized. People no longer are required to physically connect calls through plugins. As well, there is no human participation in these calls. Managers do not have to oversee people connecting calls either.

However, there is less human involvement when it comes to telephone switchboards nowadays, organizations still require computerized switchboard operations.

Lift operator

People who have used a life knows that to use it, you press a button to go to a specific level. However, it used to work by a lift operator seeing when to stop the lift and lock the doors.

In addition, the lift was also control by a large lever. Today, the lift utilizes technology that does everything for you. Nowadays, no lift operator is needed for it to function as well.

Film projectionist

In the past, a person was in charge of running mechanical projectors on their own. It was a physically demanding job that required an experienced operator to be able to function. The operator was in charge of setting up the film reels and changing them in order for the film to keep running.

Nowadays, there are digital projectors in place that are simple to use. They work similar to quality BT-TV boxes that anyone can mange.

Bridge toll collector

Automated solutions are now taking over managing bridge tolls. A system called ANPR use cameras above each lane to capture vehicle’s number plates as they drive through.

Drivers have to pay for this up to 24 hours through their mobile phone, online, text or in shops. Countries all over the world use this system.

Check-out cashier

In this day in age, self-service checkouts are now replacing cashiers at grocery stores and pharmacies. Stores are hiring less cashiers and relying on automated solutions for checkout services.

In fact, most supermarkets have self-service checkouts that individuals manually scan themselves. These machines makes the shopping experience simpler for customers and saves them time and energy by not relying on cashiers.

Factory worker

Manufacturing has seen a decline in the number of factory workers. Technology and machines have taken its force in this industry, and saves employees time and energy by performing these repetitive tasks.

Automated solutions and artificial intelligence can provide more reliable work by limiting mistakes and making the process quicker.

Furthermore, machines are also involved in doing heavy labor and robots are beginning to carry out these tasks on their own.

SDSol cares about the future of your job

SDSol cares about your technology company

In essence, at SDSol, we are aware about the growth of machine learning and artificial intelligence taking over jobs. That is why we offer free consultations to help develop your tech idea or project.

We believe that people should keep running technology and that the job market should stay open to humans. We welcome any new tech idea or project you have in mind, and want to see your business succeed.

Author: Ian Darrah
Date: 11-10-2022

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