The top App development mistakes

At SDSOL, our goal is to build a successful mobile app for your company. Often times, business owners tend to make mistakes in the development process that can affect how it does in the market, so SDSol wants to inform you on what to avoid when developing your mobile app.

Firstly, having a well-built mobile app can lead to higher sales. It will allow your customers to connect with your products and services. It will also allow you to reach your customers easily and generate a higher income. Based on a customers recent purchase, your mobile app can send push notifications to them that promotes your products and services.

Your mobile app doesn’t solve a need

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Thus, it is not a secret that many mobile apps do not do well. Many people may come up with an app idea but do not think it through to make sure that it solves a particular need. The apps they create do not attract audiences who will use them to make some part of their lives simpler. After all, that is the real goal of a mobile app. To make your customers hungry to use it because it saves them time or solves a problem for them.

For instance, examples of mobile apps that solve a customer problem include Uber Eats or Waze. Uber Eats allows you to order food when you dont want to leave your home and have it delivered to you as soon as possible. Waze also solves a problem of telling drivers where traffic jams are happening on the road, allowing people to save time on their commute.

If youre thinking of developing an app and cannot narrow down what problem it solves for consumers, chances are that is will not do as well as expected when it gets launched.

Not considering the importance of good user experience

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When your audience is using your app, you want to the design look appealing and engaging. It is unlikely for a customer to repeatedly use the mobile app if functions are not working or if it looks disordered. They will likely go to a competitor’s mobile app or delete the app from their phone.

Therefore, the app design must be easy to navigate and grab the user’s attention. They should be able to navigate through the app easily and not be overwhelmed by too many buttons. Examples of mobile apps that have good user experiences are Duolingo and Starbucks. Duolingo makes the setup process easy for audiences to learn a new language, while Starbucks uses smart personalization in their mobile app that understands user’s purchase history.

How to overcome App development mistakes

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All in all, one of the biggest investments your company will make is developing a mobile app. Creating a top-quality product should be the first thing on your mind when starting the process. You should be thinking about why customers will be using the mobile app, having the right background information for the process to be successful, and making sure that the user experience is positive and leads to having loyal customers.

By following these articles guidelines, it should be clearer to you what to avoid and what to keep in mind to gain a high ROI and have good audience retention for your mobile app. Your goal should be to make your mobile app stand out against competition and solve a user problem or make a task simpler for them.

Author: Ian Darrah
Date: 24-10-2022

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