User interface and user experience

UI/UX design and development is where it all starts. When you choose SDSol to develop your app or software project, UI/UX is the first team that you will meet with. They work tirelessly to encapsulate your vision in wireframes, graphic design mock ups, and product concepts. Our clients really enjoy the UI/UX process. Get in touch with us if you need UI/UX design. We’d love to help.


Brilliant UI/UX design

The quality of your mobile app or software project all starts with the brilliance of your UI/UX. Our UI/UX developers research the best and most trending design practices. Our UI/UX designers are truly the Jedi Knights of their craft.


Brainstorm with a UI/UX designer

In order to fulfill the vision of our clients’ development projects, our UI/UX designers have to understand the project from top to bottom.  It is important that our team brainstorms with clients from the very beginning of the project.


Develop mobile wireframes

Mobile user interfaces are the norm these days. 9 times out of 10 our UI/UX designers will be working to develop mobile wireframes at the start of a project. Wireframes are like the blueprints of a software project.


Create software wireframes

SDSol builds full service solutions. Therefore, most of our project require dashboards, web portal, and other software wireframes. If you are launching a tech start up, this is the UI that your employees will work on.


Graphic design for your UI

After the wireframes are done, its time to bring in the graphic design. We develop graphic design concepts and mock ups so you can see what the final product will look like. These concepts represent the inception of your product.


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