What is a Technology Consultant?

We commonly encounter clients that need help with their “business technology”, and engage us for consulting. Not only are we full-service developers, but we also spend a fair amount of time engaged in consulting projects to help businesses make the right decisions. And yet, even internally, ‘Technology Consulting” is the best way we can find to describe it, and yet it’s still an odd term and one that bears explaining.

SDSOL finds that most small businesses we work with have a mixed relationship with their business technologies. The odds are they started off with some basic solutions and are beginning to notice that they’re outgrowing them. Perhaps the software they’re using is aging or no longer supported. Perhaps they want to migrate to cloud-based or mobile-based solutions. Or perhaps they have an existing custom software product they already use, that needs periodic fine-tuning in order to adapt.

So what are their options?

First, businesses can keep someone on staff in-house. The problem is in-house technology resources are costly. For sake of this discussion, we’re assuming the technology resources required are somewhat beyond the guy who fixes the computer when it crashes or sets up the wireless network. We’re talking about someone who can actually program, write software code, build API’s, or link different software solutions together with custom middleware that makes them talk to each other. If you hire one full-time, this can be a six-figure investment annually. And retention can be a problem.

Second, businesses can look for outsourced IT organizations. The problem is, most of those they will run across are offering low-cost resources that can show up sporadically to address problems (network is down) or configuring new machines. They generally aren’t higher-level developers. The ones that offer higher-level developers might bill those developers at outrageous, open ended rates.

Third, they can look for Technology Experts that have not only the knowledge but a full team of experienced software developers behind them. In sum, they can look for Technology Consultants. And that’s where SDSol can help.

We offer the ability to come in, assess your current infrastructure, recommend better software solutions, and if necessary, create them for you or modify what you already have to better suit your business. Because our core business is custom software development, we’ve got all the resources required not only for developing custom software from the ground up, but also, evaluating, modifying, recommending, and implementing solutions tied to products businesses already use.

Our free consultation can help, and as with all of our free consultations, we not only learn about your requirements, but try to offer you valuable insight or perspective that you can use whether or not you move forward with our services. Contact us to find out more…